Worth EVERY penny!

Some friends and I were chilling playing spades and the topic of escorts came up. "How do you guys feel about paying for sex?" my boy Danny asked.

Having never thought about it, I kept out of the conversation and just listened. My buddy Wayne stated, "shit I'd do it...actually I have done it truth be told," we all listened in. "Yea im like hell if I can afford it why not put some money down for a dude that I may never have a chance with. So that's what I did I paid for this porn star to come thru and make me feel like one of his costars.". Everyone laughed.

"It didn't leave you feeling some type of way. Like damn now im one of them old guys that can't get a man so instead I use my money to get them," Danny asked with curiosity.

"Not at all, I know what I can pull and I figured I've jacked off and fantasized about him so much why not experience it first hand," Wayne responded and I totally got where he was coming from.

So later that night, after all the drinks and sex talk, I was home and horny so figured why not check out some escort profiles online. I signed on and began browsing. Truthfully most of the images and profiles weren't doing it for me, most were faceless dicks and asses, and for me the face got to b on point as well. Right as I was going to give up hope, I came across a profile, once again faceless images, but there was something about the dialogue that was written in the profile that got me hard. So I said to myself, fuck it, and went ahead and sent him a message.

Not even a minute passed, before I got a response back. He wrote, "chilling yo, only 100 bucks and I promos to turn you out with this country dick and ass".

I responded back saying, "can you send me a face pic?" and he commented back with his number and a message saying he doesnt put face pics up because he's very private and discreet. Normally that would result in a ending of a conversation. But there was something more, I had a good gut feeling about him. So I texted him my address and told him to head this way.

About 30 minutes later I got a text saying hr was downstairs, and it wasn't until then that my nerves started to kick in. I quickly pulled off my boxers just wrapped a towel around my waist. I figured the faster we got to it, the less awkward it would be.

A low knock came from my front door, I took a deep breath and opened. To my surprise, the dude turned out to be this gogo dancer from a bar I frequent.

Holy shit I thought to myself, this nigga who I had fantasized about time and again was standing here in my apartment.

"What's good yo," he started, "so you like what you see?"

I couldn't even answer for fear that id embarrass myself, so I just nodded yes. He walked in and closed the door behind him then took off his shoes.

"The bedroom is this way," I mumbled as i turned around and headed toward the bedroom assuming he would follow. Once in the room, I dropped the towel and laid on the bed. My dick was already hard at the thoughts of what were to come.

He then walked in butt naked, abs stacked upon abs, massive chiseled chest that was cover with tattoos, and a stiff dick that stood straight out and curved slightly upward. He was light skinned but his dick was a few shades darker than his body.

He stepped over in front of me between my legs, his dick rested on my balls. "Yo B, I ain't even gonna front you sexier than most the clients im used to," he commented which caused me to crack a smile.

I simply answered back with, "you too" just enough to sound hard and not to overly excited. He then gripped me by my ankles and lifted then up beside his head. He stuck his long almost lizard like tongue out his mouth and ran it along my calf all the way down to my thigh as he squared down.

"You got a pretty hole too yo," he complimented. Just as I went to thank him he slipped his tongue deep inside me and the words and all thoughts dissolved from my head. My dick jumped and leaked precum, my eyes rolled back, and I tightly gripped the bed sheets.

DAMN, I thought as I moaned softly, that tongue was crazy I could feel it in my hole the tip wiggling quickly against my walls. His tongue was so long it nearly felt like I was getting fucked by a average sized dick. He worked that tongue in and out, all around pressing against different spots checking to see what involuntary action he would get from me. Chill bumps, heavy breathing, moaning, my dick twitching, ever spot caused a different erogenous reaction.

"You ready for some dick," he asked as he licked the saliva and my ass juices from off his lips. I nodded yes, and braced myself as he slowly guided the head of his dick into my wet hole. His dick was shaped like a missile meaning the first few inches were less thick it was between inches 3-6 he had the most girth. I took a deep breath trying to relax, right as I almost tapped out because the pain was too unbearable it was over, his entire manhood was deep in my hole. He let it rest there a moment to allow my hole to adjust, and I assume he could feel me relax because he started pumping his hip right on cue. The pain was completely gone and each stroke of his dick sent pleasure shocks threw out my body.

I watched his face as he closed his eyes, completely focused on stroking my hole just right. I stared still amazed that his fine ass was actually inside me, letting me experience a piece of him. He started fucking me harder, I reach around and grabbed him by the ass forcing him deeper in me. Each pump made my dick jump, it felt so good. Before I knew it I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body, I looked down and to my surprise my dick had already started shooting ropes of nut between our bodies.

"Damn son, that ass is gripping the shit out my dick, I'm bout to bust," he moaned, "where you want this nut?" he asked.

"I wanna taste you, shoot that milk down my throat," I begged. He pumped harder and harder, then quick pulled out and sprung forward on me. I tilted my chin down and opened my mouth just in time for his to rocket his sweet nut down to the back of my throat. I could barely taste it for most of if shot clear past my taste buds and straight onto the back of my mouth and ran down into my throat. His body started shaking uncontrollably so he rolled over onto the bed next to me. We both laid there breathing heavily.

I swallowed deeply to ensure I had devoured all of his nectar then cleared my throat to speak. "That was amazing, definitely worth every penny."