About Us

Wassup everyone its ya boys here Nite and Day, so yea if yall don’t already know we love amateur porn, which is why we started making our own videos. But as much as we love making them we also love watching them, which is what made us decide to launch this site. The purpose of this site is to create a outlet for all them freaks out there, that like recording as well as watching, to post and view some of the hottest amateur videos on the net.

With that said here’s how it works, me and my dude have recorded alot of videos so we gonna get it going by launching the site with our material and EVERY WEEK we will post another NEW video, and not just a quick little 2-5 min clip like on our xtube page (Nastyblackboy) but a HOT long ass freak session that will be sure to help you bust a good nut. To keep the site up and running there is a fee to have access to the videos but trust me its worth it. And as an added bonus to those freaks out there that love recording and sharing their material, if you post a video to our site (not just any video it needs to be HOTT!) and we approve it for our site we will upgrade you with a FREE TWO WEEK MEMBERSHIP for each video that gets posted.

As stated in our terms this can not be copyrighted material or material that you do not have permission to post, also please no videos that have been already posted all over the internet because more than likely we wont approve them. So yea that it in a nutshell looking forward to yall checking us out and getting off to us and all them other sexy freakz out there…peace