On Dat Midnight Train to BK

So I must say one of the worst parts about going out to the club in NY is being drunk and having to rely on public transportation. I can't tell you how many times I've passed out on the train and missed my stop, threw up on the train cause it was moving to much, shit even once passed out and someone cut my pant pockets and stole my wallet. My drunk ass didn't even know until I made it home what had happened.

But, yea that train ride from the city back to Brooklyn can be brutal. Train rides that normally take 20 mins turn into 1 hours because the damn MTA always seems to be doing work on the tracks late nights and on weekends AKA the time when I tend to go out to party.

There was one time in particular though that I will never forget. It was mad late and as usual I had got fucked up at the club, not to mention was mad horny from the sexy ass Dominican strippers that were there and from dancing and grinding with a couple people. But there I was once again going home by myself in the fucked up state. After waiting about 20 mins for a train to finally arrived I stumbled onto the empty car and sat down at the handicap seats and closed my eyes.

What sucked was when I'd close my eyes all I could see was them strippers wit they sexy ass bodies, swinging their dicks around and popping they chest and asses. The thought of being in a session wit 1 or 2...or shit all of them had my dick growing in my pants. One squating his ass down on my face while another is riding me and another one is sliding his dick in and out my ass, causing me up bust deep in the one whose riding me, while the squating one shoots his load down my.... My fantasy is interrupted, by the sound of the train car door opening as the train is still moving. Its the train conductor. I only catch a quick glimpse of him before he closes the operating door behind him. I look down and adjust myself cause my rock hard dick imprint is clearly noticeable down to the rim of my head, damn skinny jeans. Luckily the train car im in is still empty.

The train pulls into the station, and the doors open, no one comes on. "This is the last stop in Manhattan. Next stop High St, Brooklyn Bridge. Stand clear of the closing doors please," the conductor says over the loud speaker. The train doors close and the train begins to move. The operating door opened and there was the conductor. And when I tell u this nigga was phyne as hell, that'd be an understatement. I mean he reminded me of like when your at a birthday party and they have a surprise stripper dressed as a cop or something and they uniform is just hugging all the right parts of they body, that was the case here. I mean damn. Dude resembled Morris Chestnut. Bedroom eyes, full lips, a sexy tapered Ceaser haircut and chocolate complexion. Just to look at him made my mind wonder with naughty thoughts and my dick grow, but sadly he wasn't paying me no mind, just focused on working the train.

I continued to enjoy my inner fantasy, until he went back into the operating booth and closed the door. I can't even lie and say I wasn't disappointed, I think I could of gawked and his bulged and undressed him with my eyes the whole ride. As the thoughts continued to play in my head, since I was alone in the train, I started rubbing my hard dick through my pants. Imagining that his was his hand rubbing me, I closed my eyes and fantasized what his dick in my mouth.

Once again my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the booth door opening. I opened my eyes, and to my sheer disbelief, there stood the conductor in the booth his pants fly unzipped and his semi hard dick patiently hanging between his legs. No lie, I thought either I was dreaming, delusionally drunk, or my eyes were playing tricks on me. I just couldn't fathom this actually happened, but best believe as soon as he made the head nod beckoning me to come over I was already on my feet.

I bit my lower lip, and moved my eyes from his face to his dick then back to his face again. He looked down giving me the signal and I entered the small booth and dropped to my knees. I gripped his quickly growing dick between my thumb and index finger and laid the head of his dick on the tip of my tongue, catching the droplet of precum that had formed at the piss slit. He grabbed the back of my head and guided my mouth down his shaft burying my nose in his male scented pubes. He held me there for a moment, I could feel his swollen dick head pulsating against the back of my throat cutting off my airway, causing tears to start producing at the corners of my eyes. He released me, I back off catching my breath and long string of spit and precum continued to connect my mouth to his dick. I went down for more bobbing my head up and down, sucking, slurping, pulling out all my tricks cause I wanted the nut down my throat and I knew it was only a matter of minutes before we'd arrive at the next train stop. I looked up at him, watching his eyes roll back into his head, with one hand I gentle caressed his balls and the other I used to keep my balance on the rocking train.
I could feel my jaw growing tired, and my head started to get light headed. Defeat...I thought to myself. I wasn't going to get what I wanted. I felt the train begin to brake as it pulled into the station. I slowly pulled my head away from his dick trying my best to savor the last few inches and just as my lips broke from his dick head, he screamed.

An impressive stream of his nut spurted out from dick catching the side of my face nearing bull-eyeing right into my eye. Another spray flew clear over my head landing on some of the train controls. I quickly shielded his dick with my mouth catching the last couple of shots which too were powerful for I could feel them knocking against my uvula and dripping down my throat.

I could see the subway station lights in the window behind him, as we pulled into the station. I quickly got to my feet and exited the booth sitting down quickly before the doors opened, in case other people entered the train. I tried to make it look like nothing had happened. The subway doors opened. I looked up watching the conductor stuffing his moist dick back into his pants, he looked up at me and smiled. Then started pointing at his face, it took me a moment to realize what he was trying to communicate. The CUM was still on my face. I quickly wiped it with my sleeve just as a couple walked through the doors entering the train. They smiled and nodded hello, and I did the same back....trying to play it cool.

The conductor smiled at me again, then got to work announcing the train station we were at...then it hit me that that was my station. I jetted for the doors catching them just before they closed. I stood at the platform, both happy and sad that it was over that quick. Thinking to myself will I ever run into dude again. He gave me a head nod, and a sexy smile as the train started to leave. Our eyes stayed fixed on one another for as long as possible and like that...he was gone. But all I can say is damn what a ride.