Old Friends Part 1

Craig Wesley drove down the long, deserted Big Joe Road toward the Jefferson Correctional facility. It seemed like he had been driving for a while since exiting the 90 Fwy in his rented Dodge Charger. All he could see around him was road, grass, and swampy looking water on either side as he drove. South Florida was very hot and humid this time of year and Craig was grateful for the air conditioning in the glossy midnight blue car. He wasn't too fond of driving in remote areas he didn't know well either. But today was not an ordinary day. Today, Malik, his homeboy from childhood, was getting out of the joint. He had gotten caught in posession of a pound of weed. And since he was down the street from an elementary school at the time, the judge saw fit to give him major time. He had been sentenced to 6 years, but was getting out early for good behavior. So for the past 4 years, 5 months and 13 days Malik had been behind the big wall.

As the road curved around, Craig could finally see the barbed wire around the perimeter of the wall that looked like a giant, moving slinky as it mixed with the heat vapors that rose from the ground. He had arrived. He followed the visitor signs to a gated parking lot near the rear of a large building of the prison. He placed his wallet in his pocket and grabbed the large shopping bag off the front seat that contained his homeboy's newly purchased outfit. Dark blue Express jeans, a light green, royal blue and white striped Lacoste henly shirt, new Calvin Klein boxers and white wife-beaters, socks, a fitted cap from Lids, and a pair of white Air Force Ones. The outfit set Craig back a little over $300, but Malik was worth it. Malik had been the friend who had had Craig's back for as long as he could remember. Ever since fifth grade when three boys started a fight with Craig because he "thought he was better than everybody", Malik, who had only seen Craig around school, jumped into the brawl to even the numbers a little. Malik had admired Craig's never give up attitude, because even while outnumbered, Craig was still holding his own. The two had been best friends ever since.

They had gotten their first jobs together at a local Ace Hardware store. They had gotten their first apartments in the same building. The two even dated sisters twice, and double-dated often. So, as far as Malik was concerned, money was no object. Not to mention, the weed they had found Malik with was Craig's. He had borrowed Malik's car the night before, and left the large brick of vacuum packed Kush in the trunk. Craig had been fronted the popular yet illegal herb by a grower-friend to make some money for college tuition and fees. When Malik had gotten pulled over by police after making an illegal left turn from McDonald's, they found the kush and he maintained his right to remain silent. All of these thoughts were going through Craig's mind as he walked through the doors of the prison outprocessing center. He felt a little nervous once inside, aware that it should have been him serving time in this dreadful place. After signing in, he handed the bag to the officer at the desk, sat and waited...twenty minutes later, he could hear his boy's voice coming from behind the steel double doors.

"...oh, I won't be back. This is a one shot deal for me," he heard Malik say over his shoulder to the officer.

Craig stood up and faced the doors. As Malik came out, the two men paused for a brief moment staring at each other before embracing, obviously glad to see each other.

"Maaaan, wassup?" Malik said in his deep southern accent, a huge smile on his face.

"You mister ex-con." said Craig jokingly.

"You definitely look like you've been working out in here", said Craig, noticing the arms and chest bulging through the striped henley he had picked out.

"Well, I can see that Bally's has been doing you some good too, C-baby" Craig nearly blushed.

"Let's get outta here man." said an anxious Malik.


Craig and Malik had discussed becoming roommates when Malik got out. Craig had been single for the past year, and Malik's ex-fiance had abandoned him shortly after he was sentenced. After driving off, Craig, always very organized, reached into a folder and handed Malik a copy of their itenerary for the next two days travel. 1 pm - lunch. 2:30 - check in to hotel. 5 pm - dinner. The two friends laughed and talked through the day and evening, Craig catching Malik up on their common friends lives over the past few years. Sitting on the balcony of the double king room at the Radisson, there was a moment when the two just sat quietly, Malik noticing that his best friend had gotten better looking over the years. Craig was a handsome 28 y.o. caramel-colored man with bedrooom eyes and manicured hands and feet. He dressed conservatively now that he had finished school for IT and could afford the better things. Malik was 30, a tall chocolate brown brotha with shiny wavy hair, a strong facial structure and a killer smile.

"Thank you," Craig said out of nowhere.

"Hunh?" asked Malik.

"Thank you for not sending me to prison."

"Oh, that...(Malik paused) I couldnt imagine you in a place like that. Plus, I knew you would have done the same for me. Wouldn't you?"

"Malik, you're my road dawg. My nigga. My best friend. I would have done anything for you."

"Would you still do anything for me?"

"Of course. Wassup?"

"I'll tell you later. I'm about to take a shower and wash prison off me for good."

"Okay,cool. Im gonna watch tv for a lil' while before bed."

Craig would be half sleep by the time Malik got out of the shower an hour later. He hadn't had a shower that lasted more than 3 minutes in a long time. So he savored the feeling of the warm water massaging his body. As the droplets fell from his brown muscled frame, he closed his eyes, held his head back and felt blood begin to flow to his large manhood in response to the image in his head. How could he tell his friend, his road dawg, that he wanted something more than just the friendship they had all these years? Malik had never had a sexual experience with another man, hadn't ever even considered it before now. But prison had caused him to see, hear, and understand that the human experience wasn't so cut and dry. Malik dried his body, lotioned up with baby oil, and wrapped a thick towel around himself before walking out of the bathroom. He found Craig lying across the chaise lounge seat, wineglass next to him, Law & Order playing on the 32 inch screen. He had removed his clothes, shoes and socks, and was only wearing a pair of red basketball shorts. Malik took a deep breath and thought of his mother to try to fight the growing bulge in the front of the towel.

"Craig, you sleep homie?"

"Naw, I'm just resting my eyes," Craig lied.

He had actually just snapped out of his own fantasy when he heard the bathroom door open. Craig had always been popular with women. He was good-looking, confident, great in bed, and a go-getter. Very beautiful and successful women seemed to be drawn to him. But in the past few years something had changed him. For the first time in his adult life, he had been seperated from his best friend. Craig hadn't realized how much he depended on Malik. But in the past 4 and a half years, it had become apparent, and his feelings for Malik had grown as Malik's absence had set in. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. But Craig knew Malik would never be attracted to a man, least of all his best friend. Craig had filed this fantasy in the NEVER WILL HAPPEN folder of his mind. The ex-convict sat at the foot of the lounger and tried not to look at his friend's manicured feet.
"So, Craig you said you would do anything for me... Is that true?"

"Malik, I told you I got you man. I owe you big time. So, if you need some cash to get on your feet, check page two of your itenerary. I have a cashier's check for $5,000 waiting for you when we get home tomorrow."

"Wow. Thats really nice of you man. I really appreciate you. But thats not what I meant. I don't think you owe me anything but your friendship. But there is one thing I've been wanting..."

Malik turned to face Craig, allowing his eyes to penetrate Craig's. Just then, the atmosphere began to change in the room. It seemed as if the cool air warmed up dramatically. Craig felt his mouth get dry and his heart began to thump in his chest. He tried not to stare at his boy's dark chocolate pecs. Malik felt the fearlessness of a man who conquers his challenges head on. Like a first-time sky-diver, this was his moment to jump.

"I've been wanting..." Malik started, in a deep throaty voice, "You."

Craig was so unprepared for this moment that he couldn't think clearly. He looked at his boy for any indication that he was joking. None. He had known Malik since 5th grade, and he was sure that the look on his face was serious, and determined.

"Uh, umm...well, what do you mean?" Craig asked weakly.

Malik stood up in his towel.

"You know what I mean dude. And I want you to know I went down for you because I'm in love with you Craig."

Craig stood up too.

"What? Yo, man I don't get down like that. And neither do you?!"

"Craig I just got out of prison. I had plenty of time to think about everything. And what I realized was that you are the best thing in my life. I knew you were the one person who wouldnt let me down. And I know why you stuck with me."

"Why?" Craig asked, arms crossed. Defensive.

"Because you're in love with me too." (silence)

"Now come here my dude, before I have to come get you."

Craig stood frozen in place, across the chaise, until Malik moves toward him. The towel falls to the floor, revealing a huge, veiny throbbing hard erection. Both men's eyes come up from Malik's dick to meet at the same moment. The tense expression on Craig's face softens. The magnetic energy between them slams their bodies together. They kiss with a built-up passion that grows into an explosive tangle of rubbing licking, grinding and groping. They fall onto the bed, the sounds of heavy breathing crescendos into panting and moans as Malik takes control. He rolls his homeboy onto his back and pulls off the red shorts. He pushes Craig's knees toward his shoulders and plunges his mouth downward to taste Craig's opening. The caramel -colored man groans Malik's name as he laps at the center of Craig's tight hole.

"Oh Malik, uuuh yes..." Craig coos as his homie eats away.

Without warning, Malik stops and lets go of Craig's folded body. He crawls forward across Craig and repositions his urgent erection until it is inches away from his boy's mouth. He gently slides his hand under Craig's neck and rubs it as Craig begins to kiss passionately and then slurp hungrily at his manhood. The intensity builds into the urge for release.

"Are you ready?" Malik asks.

An out-of-breath Craig nods yes.

"Just don't hurt me, my dude."

Malik smiles a lusty smile and rolls the Magnum on. He had been waiting for this moment. Malik lubes the length of his dick and squeezes the large mushroom into Craig's tight hole. The pain of the mushroom causes an initial grunt, but as Malik kisses Craig and whispers into his ear, he begins to relax and allow more of the erect dark thickness into him. After several minutes of gentle stretching, Craig begins to relax and give in. Malik had dreamed of this moment for much of the time he was behind bars. Now as he looks down, he sees himself sliding in and out of his boy, his friend, his love. It excites him even more to think it is really happening. He changes positions and begins to suck Craig's toes as he grinds deeper and deeper into him. Craig is calling Malik's name sprinkled between curses and pleading. The pleasure at the tip of Malik's dick begins to burn into intense contractions at the base of his large shaft. He digs in deeper still as he begins to long stroke into Craig's smooth caramel ass.

"Oh...my...God! What's... happening?" pants Craig.

A sensation he had never felt before takes over. Deep inside, somewhere between his dick and his hole, he feels strong orgasmic pulses that begin to speed up and grow stronger as Malik strokes in and out.

"Oh...Baby...God. Shit...baby...damn!"

Craig's eyes roll back as he let's out a muffled scream and a fountain of jizm. No hands necessary. Moments later Malik pulls out quickly, and takes off the Magnum as his passion explodes into a puddle of hot, thick cream all over Craig's chest. The two collapse into each other's arms, kiss once more, and fall fast asleep. The next morning, Malik and Craig wake up late, make love again, go to an early lunch, a little shopping, then get started toward the airport to go home to California together.

"Malik, thank you."

"For what baby?"

"For breaking me out of the prison in my mind."

"You broke me out of my prison first. It was the least that I could do."

Written by n2deep2012