Tommy and Tristan, not only were they twins but also were they sexiest and most popular guys on our team. They didn't look the same really, I mean you could tell they were brothers, but Tommy was more of a slim toned about 6'1, and Tristan was a stalky muscular build about 5'10 with no a ounce of fat on him. It was football session and once again Tommy was our star quarterback and his brother was the star running back.

I had just started working at the high school as the new assistant head coach. I played college football and even was supposed to go into the pros, but tore my ACL my senior year in college which crush those dreams. So still loving the game I decided to coach. And I definitely saw star qualities in both of these twins.

One exciting part of being assistant coach because coaching was getting to pass the towels out after practice everyday from the towel cage inside the shower area. This meant I would get to see a full frontal glimpse of every player after they showered as they came to collect their towels. Wet limp dicks flopping around, and phat asses attached to sexy ass players everywhere. Thank God, I worked behind a table because I would get a hard on daily watching these boys on the sly.

One late afternoon, I was asked by the head coach to stay after practice to help supervise and lock up after Tommy and Tristan finished getting in some extra time running plays. I was sitting in the office finishing up some paper work as I waited for them to come in from the field.

"Hey coach, who do you this will get MVP this year? Me right?" Tommy asked as he play fought with his brother.

"Bro you wish, you know MVP is hands down going to me," Tristan cut in.

I laughed and stated, "I don't know guys, just keep doing ya thing ultimately it'll come down to Coach Cooper's decision."

"Boooo," Tristan commented. "Whateva I kno its got my name on it."

"Right keep telling yaself that. Hey coach we bout to shower and bounce," Tommy replied headed toward the lockers followed by his brother.

"Ok, I'll be there in a sec to unlock the towel cage," I answered.

A few minutes passed, then I could hear the showers come on. I wrapped up my paper work and went to unlock the towel cage. As I walked by the showers I could hear the brothers talking.

"Yo I grabbed her by hair like this and wore that pussy out," Tristan bragged. I peeked around the shower wall and I could see Tommy standing there butt naked body covered in soap suds, watching his brother who also was naked on his knees reenacting his story. "Then the bitch started to scream that's she was cumming, so i started fucking her even harder."

I could see that the story was turning Tommy on cause it looked like his dick was starting to lift upward from between his legs. I couldn't resist the chance, so I pulled out my hard dick and slowly started stroking it, as I watched them.

"Damn bro, that pussy sound like it was mad good," Tommy commented.

"Nigga, why ya dick hard," Tristan asked laughing.

"Shit I been wanting to fuck her for a min, now you telling me how wet that shit was is turning me on," Tommy confused. "You got me wanting to beat off now"

Please do, I thought. As i started stroking my dick faster. That's when the keys to the towel cage slipped out my picket crashing to the ground. I quickly hid behind the shower wall.

"What was that?" I heard Tristan ask.

I stood with my back against the wall, my heart was pounding like crazy, I quickly tried to get my hard dick back into my shorts until I heard...

"Coach?" Tommy asked. Their I was dick in hand, CAUGHT. My heart throbbed in my throat, I didn't even know what to say. "Was you beating off to us?" he then asked.

"Oh shit!" Tristan commented as he got a glimpse of me.

"Ummm no. Just was listening to his story and it was turning me on," I mumbled nervously, trying to put my dick away.

"Naw, leave it out," Tristan commanded, "get on your knees yo."

I obeyed, feeling like at this point they had the upper hand, besides my job being on the line I figured I could go to jail for spying on them. Once on my knees my head was smack in the middle of both their semi hard dicks still dripping from the shower water as it fell from their bodies.

"Get us hard," Tristan ordered putting his dick up against my lips. To play the part I hesitated for a moment, but then opened my mouth wide, gripped both their pieces, and stuck the heads of their dicks into my mouth. I could feel their dicks beginning to grow in my mouth and what was initially a simple task became a mouthful, no pun intended. Wider and wider my mouth stretch, tears started dripping from my eyes as I tried gasping for air. I attempted to pull back and they both gripped the back of my head pushing me down deeper. I could feel the sticky sensation of their precum coating my tonsils. Then just as I thought I may pass out they loosened their grip and their rock hard dick slipped out of my mouth. I collapsed on the wet shower floor and rolled over on my back inhaling heavily.

"Shit thats what I'm talking about," I heard Tommy state. My eyes were closed shut as I coughed. Once I had the power to open then, the first thing I saw was Tristan massive bubble butt hovering over my face.

"I've peeped the way you be staring at the players asses during practice, so here, now you got it up close and personal so handle ya biz," Tristan commented as he squatted down over my face. His two pillow like ass muscles naturally parted as he lowered revealing his tight cheerio looking puckered hole. I stuck my tongue out and as soon as the tip of my tongue made contact with his hole, I felt it twitch. Then relaxed and slowly loosened around my tongue. That hole was tight, I could feel the strong resistance just from the tip entering. He soon started to bounce up and down on my tongue.

I was in heaven, I thought. The steam from the showers was causing him to sweat and I could see and taste the salty droplets as the rolled down his back between his crack and settling down in my mouth. Lost in the moment, I completely forgot about Tommy, but was quickly reminded when I felt his hands grip my calves pushing my heels up toward the ceiling.

Oh no! I thought as I felt the head of his dick graze my hole.

"Umm, I'm not prepared for all that," I mumbled beneath Tristan's ass.

"Don't worry we got you, plus we in a shower so you good," Tommy stated as a attempt to comfort me. As I went to speak again, Tristan lowered completely on my face...shutting me up.

I felt fingers pressing and rubbing my hole coated with what felt like soap. I tried to clear my mind and relax my muscles, and that's when I felt Tommy's dick enter me, splitting me open inch by inch. I tried to scream but I couldn't, I attempted to use my hands to slow him down, but they were quickly restrained. He pumped deeper and harder, it felt like he was buried in my guts. At first I will admit it hurt like hell but once I stopped struggling it really started to feel good.

I focused more on digging my tongue deeper in Tristan's hole, I was so turned on I thought for a second i was about to cum. Then Tommy pulled him dick out, just in time.

"Bro you got to hit this, that ass feels betta than pussy," he claimed.

Tristan stood up and laid on the shower floor next to me, his 9 inch dick sticking straight up oozing with prejizz. I figured this was my que, so I got up and moved in place over his dick. I sat down on it slowly until my dick and balls rested on his chiseled six pack. His dick felt just like his brother's they must of been about the same size cause it slipped in perfectly. Only difference was Tristan's dick had a slight curve to it, a curved that caused his dick head to rest against my prostate. Each up and down movement sent chills through my body and pushed more and more precum out of my piss slit.

Tristan grabbed me from under my arms and pulled my torso down against him. He began pumping his hips up rapidly, drilling my hole like it was some pussy. I grinded my teeth and balled my fist trying my best to take it like a man. He finally stopped, my body relaxed happy that the pounding was through...or so I thought. That's when I felt the head of Tommy's dick slip in on top of his brother's dick. My hole was stretched to the max, my entire anal cavity stuffed. I let out a scream like a bitch that echoed throughout the shower room. Never in a million years did I think I could take two dicks let alone two dicks well over 9 inches, but there I was taking it. I tried to move upward as Tommy went deeper but Tristan held me in place. They started pumping, in and out alternating, I can't even begin to explain the feeling but it was definitely the true meaning of pain is pleasure.

"Stop, stop. I can't take no more," I begged but they continued. Then after a few more pumps Tommy pulled out.

"Ight, you bout to catch both our nuts then," Tommy ordered standing up. My hole was so stretched I couldn't even feel Tristan's brick dick slip from my ass lips. Tristan also stood up beside his brother and I got on my knees with my head beside their dicks.

I glanced up in awe, as I watched these two sexy sweat covered brothers beat off together. I patiently waited enjoying the view from below, their balls shaking and their hands gliding along the shafts of their dicks.

"Yo I'm bout to cum," moaned Tommy as he pushed my forehead back with his hand. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth just as the warm sensation of four ropes of cum sprayed across my face and down my tongue. I could feel Tommy begin to shake from the hard nut he was delivering. "Damn, now its your turn bro. Coat dat nigga's face."

Tristan continued to beat off, I was only able to open one eye because the other was covered in nut. I could smell and feel the fresh nut that started rolling down my chin.

"Yo bro, its too hot I'm not gonna be able to nut," Tristan complained.

"Naw you gonna give him that nut bro," demanded Tommy as he moved behind Tristan who continued to try to nut.

"FUCK!!," Tristan yelled and to my surprise Tommy had shoved his still leaking dick up his brother's ass. That was all it took, once that dick slip in his hole it pushed the nut right out of Tristan's dick straight to the back of my throat.

I collapsed to the wet floor, drenching in the both the twin's manhood. I laid there breathing heavily contemplating if this really just happen, and from the throbbing of my hole and the two dripping dicks hovering over me it definitely did.

"So...whose gonna get MVP?" Tommy asked looking down at me with a grin on his face.

But all I could do was lay there and laugh.