Late Night Train 2 BK

What a stressful ass day I thought to myself, as I finally left out my office building headed to the subway. I was so glad i had hit the gym this morning before work because i couldn't wait to finally get home kick off my shoes and just relax the night away. As hard as I work get a job at this firm the stress to make partner was killing me. My social life was gone all I did was hit the gym and go to work.

Damn I hate summers in NYC, even tho it was almost 10pm it still felt like a sauna in this fucking train station. I could feel the sweat starting to accumulate on my chest and back, not to mention wearing these slacks and button down wasn't helping. My only saving grace from sweating my shirt out was the fact that I wore a wifebeater. Finally here comes the train, I could see the lights down the tunnel in the distance. I couldn't take it anymore so I unbuttoned my shirt about half way.

"This is Chambers st. this is an A express train to Far Rockaway next stop Broadway nassau/Fulton st," stated a man's voice over the intercom as the subway doors opened.

I entered and sat in the far seat marked "priority seating" right across from the conductors booth. The A/c felt like heaven, but the sweat caught in my wifebeater was annoying me. Since there was only two other people on the train, one who was listening to her iPod with her eyes closed and the other on the other end of the train knocked out I decided to quickly take it off.

I removed my button down shirt and slipped off my undershirt. As I went to put my button down back on, the door to the conductor's booth opened. Out walked an attractive blatino dude, caramel completion, about 5'7-5'8, a nice solid build whose hair was in cornrows. If I had to compare him to someone id say he resembled the straight pornstar Brian Pumper, with that being said I wondered if he had ass like him too.

Our eyes met briefly, he paused as he looked down at my chest and abs and then back up to my face. "I'm sorry but we don't allow people to ride the train topless," he commented even though I could tell he really had to work hard to make that statement.

I smiled, "My apologies I was just changing my shirt real quick."

"No problem," he said as he opened the car door and moved to the other car, not before give me one last glance over. But I couldn't blame him cus I did the same. He was looking on point in his baby blue shirt, covered with a dark blue vest that stop perfectly right above his ass line. Lets just say he definitely filled out those blue pants with all that ass he had.

Trying to get a quick nap, I closed my eyes now that the eye candy was gone. My mind was clearly racing with the thoughts of what that ass looks like naked because I could feel my dick growing under my pants extending down my pant leg.

The loud sound of the car door slamming closed jolted my eyes open, to my surprise my dream had come true. There dude was in the booth with the door opened, his pants and underwear pulled down right below his ass cheeks. That beautiful smooth bubble butt spilling over the rim of his pants. He looked back and smiled then signaled me to come to him.

Hesitant and nervous about getting caught I looked around to make sure no one was paying attention, then got up and went in the booth. Once I closed the door we was literally up against each other. I lowered my hand down and grabbed a handful of his ass. Dude's as was perfect just the correct consistency of muscle and fat. I had to taste it. As best as possible i lowered my self til my head was right in front of his ass. I think used my palm and thumbs to spread his cheeks and just dove in tongue first. His hole gladly welcomed my tongue, and the further id push my tongue into his ass the tighter it would grip. I stayed down there for as long as possible, but had to come up for air briefly.

I could feel the train beginning to slow down for the next station stop, i prepared to stand back up but he quickly pushed my head back down into his ass.

"Keep going," he ordered as he tooted his ass back more, so I obeyed. He opened the booth window and stated into the intercom, "This is...High Street Brooklyn bridge," stuttering each time id wiggle my tongue deep in his insides. "Stand clear..of...the...closing doors."

I was going to town on the ass and he was loving it, ass juices and spit was running down my chin and his thighs. I ate that ass for the next two stops.

"This is an express train next stop will be...Nostrand. Stand clear of....the...closing doors," he struggle to say as his body started to quiver. He closed the window and the train pulled off. "Ok we got four stops til we stop again, I want to feel u," he begged.

I stood up and pulled my pants down, the tip of my dick was soaked with precum I rubbed it all over my dick and slid it between the crack of his ass. His cheeks alone made me feel like I was already in him, but once I felt the entrance to his hole against my dick head I knew I wasn't. I spread his cheeks with both my hands, and my dick slowly inched its way into his anal canal. He had amazing ass control it felt as those his hole was literally pulling my dick in deeper.

"Oh my God yo, that's dick feels sp good. Beat this ass up," he commanded banging his fist against the window in ecstasy. I began thrusting my hips against his ass as best as possible in the small space. With each movement back I could feel the cold metal of the door against my ass. I smashed my forearm into his back shave his face and chest against the as I pumped faster and hard.

"Yes yo give me that dick, I want you to fill me up yo," he moaned.

"Yea arch dat back, that's it just like that. Damn man, stay just like that you gonna make me bust," I replied into his ear.

"Give me yo babies," he begged.

Even with the loud sound of the train moving through the tunnel I could still heard the thunderous clapping of his ass against my thighs.

"Shit!!" I scream as I unloaded all my seeds into his guts, so much that it must have crashed against his prostate forcing the nut out of his dick and sending it spraying all across the train controls. We stood their for a moment my dick still inside him, being milked by his pulsating hole. I could feel the train preparing to come to a stop, so we quickly pulled our pants up.

"Imma walk out first to make sure the coast is clear," I nodded ok and we switched places so he could exit. He walked out and gave me the signal that it was clear as he walked into the other car. I quickly exited and sat down as if nothing even happened. Just in time too because once we stopped the girl across from me opened her eyes, gave me an odd look and exited.

"This is Nostrand, next stop Utica please stand clear of the closing doors," my secret lovers voice stated over the intercom. I smiled.

Once at the next stop I adjust myself and exited, just as I went to walk by the conductors window dude's hand popped out and he handed me a paper. We share a short smile then I continued on. When I got outside I opened the paper it read "that was off da chain here's my number. Next time well be sure to use a bed.". With a grin on my face I put the paper in my pocket and headed home.