Happy Anniversary

Mike opened the door to his apartment and was stunned to find a trail of rose petals at his feet, illuminated by the flickering flames of candlelights that were strategically place throughout his apartment. He slowly entered and closed the door behind him, as he looked around for who was behind extravagant display. He followed the petal trail down the hallway to where the curved heading into the bathroom. Once he got to the bathroom he peeked around the corner, and with his eyes followed the trail to its end in front of the bathtub.

There he found Devon, his boyfriend, submerged under bathwater which was coated red with more rose petals. He laid ass up in the tub, with his head resting on his folded arms on the rim of the tub which too was lined with lit candles. The light of the candles glistened on Devon's wet body, which made his brown skin look like melting chocolate as beads of sweat rolled down his spine and pooled between his lower back muscles. His muscular ass seemed to float atop the water like two single mountain islands sticking out of the ocean. Devon cracked a smile as he watched Mike admire his body.

"Happy anniversary babe," Devon whispered.

"Damn baby, happy anniversary to you too. I thought you forgot," mike commented as he unbuttoned his shirt.

"Never that, I just played like I forgot to make you even more surprised. Hopefully it work?" he asked.

"You have no idea," Mike replied as he smiled from ear to ear.

"Well what r u waiting for? Come join me," Devon asked as he scooted forward to make room for Mike in the tub. The water and rose petals flowed from atop his ass dropping down into the bath like a waterfall. Devon's body was sick, perfectly sculpted and formed to the point where even a straight dude would b aroused to see his body butt naked.

Mike stripped down naked as well, though not as built as Devon, he too had a nice toned slim basketball player shaped body as oppose to Devon's more football player like facique. Mike did, on the other hand, have about two inches more dick in length than Devon. Once he removed his underwear his dick, that had a definitive curve downward, sprung forward.

Mike stepped into the hot water behind Devon's upturned ass slowly allowing his body to adjust to the temperature. He leaned over and ran his index finger between his back muscles down into his hairless ass crack rubbing his finger around the rim of his puckering booty hole. As a tease Devon showed off his muscle control by flexing his hole in and outward against Mike's finger.

Mike then sat down in the water, his dick head still poking from beneath the floating rose petals like the head of a hunting snake. His face now ass level, he stuck his tongue out of his mouth and lick from the bottom of Devon's low hanging balls all the way up finishing with the tip of his tongue at the entrance to his anal cavity. He palmed each cheek with his hands and drilled his tongue as deep as he could, all the way til his teeth meet his outside of his ass. The electrifying sensation jolted through Devon's spine involuntarily cause his back to arch harder and his head to tilt backward so he could lease a loud moan into the air.

Mike continued to loosen his hole with his tongue, Devon loving every moment of it eyes rolling back into his head and gripping the rim of the tub tighter and tighter in ecstasy. His tongue reached so far it sent a spark straight up Devon's spine causing him to spring forward and shake uncontrollable.

"Damn boo that was my spot," he whispered turning around and then kissing Mike deeply. "Stand up."

Mike stood up in the tub, the water flowing down his body and droplet spilled from the head of his dick. Devon lathered up a washcloth with soap and stared up at Mike with a seductive grin. He leaned forward on his knees and put half of Mike's wet dick in his mouth as he started to wash Mike's body never unlocking his dick from the grip of his lips. He stretched his arm up to wash his upper torso, all the while swirling his tongue around Mike's dick head. He watched as Mike bit his bottom lip and allowed his eyes to roll back in his head. Devon then reached around him and ass his ass cheeks before sliding the wash cloth between his crack to thoroughly clean his tight hole.

Once fully scrubbed and covered in soap suds, Devon finally released his dick from his mouth and stood up in the tub was well. He then turned the shower on so they could rinse off as they kissed deeply.

Briefly parting lips, Mike looked deep into Devon's eyes and softly stated, "I love you, more than you could ever know my dude."

"I love you too," Devon's genuinely replied smiling fro ear to ear. "Follow me," he continued stepping out of the tub and walking out of the bathroom not even drying off.

Mike paused for a moment thinking to himself, "what else does he have planned," then also stepped out of the tub and followed along Devon's wet footprint trail. The trail lead to the end of the hall into their bedroom, which appeared to be glowing from candlelight and the sound of slow jams playing. Once he stepped through the doorway there he found Devon naked laying on his back, spread eagle, his smooth bootyhole puckering outward toward Mike, on top of a plastic covering which was laid on top of the bed and written in chocolate syrup was "Happy 1 year".

Mike just stood their in awe, not sure what was more impressive the sight of his god-like dude laying their naked awaiting his dick or the amazing display his dude had created for him.

"Come show me just how much you love me," Devon commented as he ran his index finger in the chocolate then traced it around the rim of his asshole. Mike didn't waste a second after that, he walked over to the bed, his dick brick hard, leaned down and proceeded to both lick the chocolate from around Devon's ass as well and slip his tongue deep into his ass lips.

"OH BABY!" moaned Devon fanning his arms up and down coating them in the chocolate. He grabbed Mike by the shoulders and pulled him on top of him, kissing him and licking the chocolate from around his lips. He then rolled Mike over on his back, coating him in the chocolate, and slips his tongue from down his chin all the way to his navel. First running his hands through the syrup he began to stroke Mike's stiff dick with it before swallowing it down to the balls with his mouth. He ran his lips up and down his shaft like he was truly sucking on a chocolate stick.

After a few moments of pleasuring Mike's dick with his mouth, Devon leaned over and grabbed a Magnum condom from out of the night stand. Mike laid there patiently admiring his chocolate covered dude as he prepped his dick for love making. Devon then straddled Mike and slowly lowered his ass down onto Mike's solid dick. He took it inch by inch until his entire dick was incased within his guts. The amazing sensation caused pre-cum to ooze out of Devon's dick and start to puddle on Mike's abs.

"Damn baby, I love this dick. This ya ass right?" Devon asked and Mike nodded yes. "Then make love to your ass babe."

Mike began thrusting his hips upward, his dick sliding in and out, faster and harder. He reached around gripping Mike's massive ass cheeks and using them as leverage, spreading them apart and thrusting harder. Devon fell forward his chocolate covered body pressing against Mike's body, kissing him deeply before whispering in his ear," yes baby make love to me. I love you baby this ass is yours."

Mike swerved his hips, his dick head finding Devon's prostate and milking it with each jolt upward. "Baby, I'm bout to cum," Mike moaned as he unleashed his seed deep inside of his lover. The condom ballooned with his nut pressing hard against Devon's spot causing his dick to spew nut all between both of their bodies. They laid there breathing deeply, drained and satisfied, sticky with nut and chocolate.

Devon gathered the strength to lift his body up slightly to look into Mike's eyes and stated, "Happy anniversary my love," then they both smiled and shared a kiss before laying back on top of his holding him tight.