Boston Cream pie

This was my first time in Boston, not really sure why it took me so long to finally make the trip up here seeing how I live in ny so it ain't but a bus ride away. Nevertheless, I guess I never had a reason until now. My girlfriend of five years had recently relocated up here for grad school, and this would be the first time I had seen here in over two months. And lets just say I was really looking forward to it, cus if i had to use my hand any longer i would go crazy. I mean hey there's only so much porn a dude can look at to hold them over til they begin craving the real thing.

Shit even on the bus ride up, i think my dick stayed on swole just thinking bout the way my girl be sucking my dick and riding me like there's no tomorrow. Not to mention, how wet i be getting dat pussy. She loves riding this 9inch dick of mine and is forever saying my dick is perfect to her, slight curve, not to veiny, and a nice size head that just gets her juices flowing. I love when she's bouncing on my shit then right when she bout to cum she lifts up off it and that pussy just squirts all over me and then she drops back down on it til she bout to cum again. I swear I be having her orgasm like a average of five times each session. To be real I don't even be nutting alot of the times I just be wanting to satisfy her which turns me on.

But I digress, so yea my girl scooped me up from the bus station first stop was her crib. I think it was about 10am that we got to her crib and we fucked on and off til 5pm. My girl was drained, we had to change the sheets twice, shit was crazy.
Surprisingly, since we hadn't fucked in so long I thought for sure i would of busted at some point, but it was like I would get close but then get too focused on making her cum that I would lose it. All I know is after our last session we both were thirsty and crazy hungry. My girl suggested we hit up this local restaurant that she recently found and claimed I couldn't come to Boston without having some Boston cream pie. The whole drive to the restaurant she raved bout how good their pies were, the way she was talking almost sound like she was bout to orgasm again.
So we get to the spot, it looks decent enough like a simple diner not too crowded. We get seated at a table and I start looking over the menu. That's when i feel a hand grasp my shoulder.

"Hello and welcome, my name is Matthew and I will be serving you guys today," our waiter replied.

Being from NYC, I'll admit, the physical contact kind of took me off guard but i looked up and cracked a polite smile.

"Can you give us a few, its his first time here," my girl answered.

"Ooh welcome then, our sandwiches are good as well as our burgers...and make sure you save room for our cream pies, that's what were known for. And I'll be back to take your guys order in a sec."

My girl giggled then responded, "looks like someone's got an admire. He was all in your face."

"Girl you crazy out you mind," I reply defensively.

"What? At least he's cute for a white boy, in a quirky kind of way. Not to mention did you notice when he walked away he actually had an ass on him, almost made me jealous," she commented laughing to herself.

"No sorry, I didn't notice..." I started feeling a little uncomfortable having this conversation with her.

"Notice what?" Matthew asked popping up behind me joining in our conversation.

"Umm...notice how good the cream pies looked when we walked in," I quickly answered feeling mad awkward the whole time my girl was sitting across from me getting a kick out of the situation.

"O trust me our cream pies will BLOW your mind, so yall ready to order?" Matthew asked.

"I'll have the Caesar salad with salmon," my girl answered.

"And you?" Matthew asked once again putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Umm the bacon cheese burger, plain just the meat and cheese," I stated awkwardly.

"Great coming right up," Matthew replied giving my shoulder a quick squeeze as he walked away.

"Babe, where's the bathroom?"

"Right around there."

Strangely as I went to stand up I noticed my dick was actually semi hard, I did a quick adjustment and went to the bathroom.

I went into a stall and started to piss, that's when I heard someone else walk in and start washing their hands. I flushed and opened the stall door and who else but Matthew was there washing his hand,s staring at me in the mirror. I walked to the sink next to him and turn the water on.

"So first time in Boston, or just your first time in this diner," he asked.

"Both, came to visit my girl and she's been talking bout the cream pies here since she moved up here so i had to try em out," I answered. Thinking back on it now, the way I said it was slightly flirtatious. Shit maybe I was horny cause I hadn't nutted but whatever it was Matthew picked up on it.

He turned the water off and walked back into the stall and lowered his pants, "Well let me give you a taste of some authentic Boston cream pie." I can't even lie, i never been with a white person before, let alone a dude, but his ass looked mad good and woke my dick up in a flash. He straddled the toilet and arched his back, his ass was just phat enough that just from arching his ass his cheeks naturally parted exposing his smooth pink booty hole. He ran his hand from the top of his ass crack to his hole then lightly patted it making it twitch, "Cum and get it." And I did without hesitation, locking the door behind me.

I unzipped my pants and my dick sprung up straight through the hole in my boxers. I placed a hand on each cheek and spread his ass open, then spit on his pretty hole. Slowly I guided my dick head into his loosening ass. I could feel it relax more and more as each inch of my chocolate dick slipped balls deep into his vanilla ass.

"Shit man, give me that cream, beat this ass up dude," he begged.

Knowing we didn't have much time, I drilled that ass like it was pussy. As I long stroked his ass I could feel my dick milking his prostate, and he started creaming on my dick. The feeling of his ass gripping my dick sent me over the edge, and I unloaded all my nut deep in his ass. He let out a loud moan as I shot my warm nut in him, filling him up so much that it pushed the nut out of his dick.

Just as he was cumming, the bathroom door opened. We froze, my dick still deep in his guts. We could hear someone start taking a piss. As my dick started to soften I could feel my nut slowly starting to flow out his open booty hole down to my balls. I tensed my dick up, cause Matthew to jump with a chill from the sensation.

The guy flushed the toilet, washed his hands, and left. Just in time, cus Matthew's hole had started pushing my semi hard dick out slowly, and once totally fell out a massive flow of jizz spilled out his hole onto the ground. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped my dick off, then grabbed some to clean off his ass. He quickly grabbed my hand stopping me.

He whispered, "leave it I wanna feel that shit in me and between my cheeks for the rest of my shift."

"Ok," I replied slightly humored.

"So how was your first Boston cream pie," he asked jokingly.

"Better than I could of imagined," I answered. "I better get back before my girl gets suspicious," I continued, as I got dressed.

"Right, I need to get back to work myself."

I left the bathroom and went back to my table.

"Everything ok babe?" my girl asked.

"Yea, just was checking out the cream pies. Yea you were right they are good, I mean, they do look good..."