At Your Service

So this was exactly why I hated my boss and was glad this was my last shift at this wack ass job. After working at this hotel for almost two years, I was so ready to leave. My job position was front desk attendant but after the past couple months of layoffs it seemed as if the responsibilities of all the recently discontinued positions tickled down to our department. Not only did we need to check people in, but we now had to answer the phones, deal with and log complaints, tend to all the needs we got calls for, take room service orders, shit even bring the food to the guest rooms. I swear it was only a matter of time before they had us cooking the food, cleaning rooms, and doing the laundry.

So when I put in my two weeks notice, I don't why I was surprised to see that my dick of a boss scheduled me to work the graveyard shift alone for my final night. If I didn't need to leave in good standings I would of said fuck it and just not showed up, but I'd be damn if I let this job screw me over even more when I need a recommendation for my next job.

So there I was, bored behind the desk trying my best not to fall asleep, so I wouldn't be caught sleep if a guest decided to check in. But already I could feel my eyes getting heavy, and before I knew it I was out.

DING! A bell sounded.

I sprung awake, trying to play it off like I was just taking a long blink. "How can I help you?" I asked taking a moment to let my eyes adjust before looking up.

"Do you have any rooms open," a female voice replied.

Once I finally got a look at her, I was caught off guard by just how beautiful...actually how sexy she was. She could have easily passed as a Beyonce body double, hips, ass, perfect skin, amazing eyes, but had a edgy sex appeal more like what I would imagine Beyonce's alter ego, Sasha Fierce, would be like. I had to catch myself from staring to hard, but shit this bitch was bad.

"How many nights will you be staying?," I asked.

"Oh only for the night," she answered back.

"Ok, not a problem, will one queen bed do?"

"That'd be perfect," she replied giving me a little smile which that alone made my dick jump. Thank God, I was behind this desk I thought. I finished checking her in and she handed me cash for the room. "You got a beautiful set up lips on you," she complimented me as I handed her the key.

Completely flattered I thanked her, nervous to compliment her back in fear of going over board. I watched her as she walked away. She was wearing some tight fitted sweats that showed off every contour of her body, and as she walked it appeared as if each ass cheek moved independently with each step she took. She had on a small top which clearly displayed part of what looked like some sort of reptile traveling from below her sweats up under her top.

As I watched I got lost deeper and deeper in the movement of her ass, until she stopped by the front door. The automatic front doors opened and a dude about 6'1, wearing baggy jeans and a hoodie over his head entered and she signaled him to follow after her.

Truthfully, I had a brief moment of jealousy just at the thought that dude was probably about to wear that pussy out, but then giving his thuggish appearance I clearly wasn't her type especially in this hotel uniform. I sat back down and proceeded to finish my shift. The thought of going upstairs and just listening at the door kept running in my head. Just imagining her naked taking dude's dick from the back, moaning and getting all wet, painting my own mental picture about what was going on from outside the door solely based off the moans and the sounds of the bed would be a turn on.

Then the loud sound of the phone ringing knocked me back into reality, I answered. It was her...asking if I could bring up some extra towels. "I'll bring those right up ma'am," I responded then hung up the phone. I put up the "be right back" sign, grabbed some towels, and made my way up stairs.

I paused for a moment in front of her door and placed my ear close in hopes to hear something, but all I could hear was music playing, so I knocked gently. A few moments passed and no response. As I went to knock again the door cracked open. She opened the door just enough to stick her head out, it was pretty clear to me she was naked.

"Umm here's the towels you requested," I responded trying to see if I could see any proof that some action was popping off from behind her. The bedside lamps were on still, and I did notice some clothes scattered on the ground so my suspicion was right.

"Thanks," she said trying to regain my attention. "What's your sign cutie?" she asked.

"My sign?" I asked completely caught off guard.


"Oh, imma Gemini."

She cracked a smile, "hmm, so I bet you got a freaky side to you don't you?" she asked.

Smiling back I answered, "yea you could say that."

"I love a freaky ass nigga, it takes a true freak to make me cum," as those words passed through her lips I could feel the tension of my dick pressing against my pants as it grew.

"Well I'm a true freak, down for whatever," I assertively replied.

"I hope you ain't just talk."

Trying to switch to my hood side I stated, "naw neva that, I'm a man of my word ya feel me?"

"Good." she stated smirking as she opened the door completely and turned around walking back toward the bed, revealing her completely naked body. It was a dragon tattoo that covered her back, its head started at her shoulder blade and its body whined down her back with its tail cupping around her right ass cheek. As she walked away each step seemed to bring it life as if it was moving on her back.

Sweat started to form on my brow as I stood outside the door contemplating. My mind was saying get ya ass back to work before you get fired but my throbbing dick was saying this is a once in a lifetime dick was right fuck this job its my last night lets go out with a bang. So I entered and closed the door behind me.

The way the room was set up was after entering there was a small hallway, with the bathroom on the left, that then opened up into the bedroom area. Where was that dude that came in with her, I began to think, he wasn't in the bathroom as I passed. What if this was a set up and he's hiding on the other side of the wall waiting to jump me. Just in case I balled my fist, prepared for anything and stepped into the bedroom.

My hand loosened at what I saw. Dude was laid out butt ass naked on his stomach. His arms and legs we stretched out to each corner of the bed and tied to each of the bed's legs. He had a towel laying over his head, only the ends of his cornrows were sticking out. If I didn't know any better I would of thought it was the NBA star Allen Iverson laying there. I can't even front dude's body was on point, he had a toned basketball player build, smooth body and muscular ass. His upper body and arms were covered in tats, he had the word Brooklyn across his upper back with a Yankees style NY logo sitting on top of a New York skyline and Brooklyn bridge mural filling out the rest of his back.

"You said you wanted a new experience...well I found us the perfect freak to help us out," the chick stated to the dude who responded simply by tensing up his body. She then walked over to me and started undressing me. As soon as she pulled my pants and boxers down, my dick sprung forward at full salute. Looking up at me with her face inches from my dick she whispered, "nice and phat too." As she slowly stood up she allowed my dick to caress her naked body leaving a trail of precum as it made contact. She then grabbed my hand and put my middle and index fingers in her mouth coating them with her spit before moving them to her nipple and finishing down against her shaved pussy.

"Imma hold you to you word," she whispered close into my ear as she guided my two finger between her pussy lips, moaning softly. I closed my eyes, imagining that my fingers were my tongue deep inside her.

"I want to watch you fuck him."

My eyes sprung open. Her eyes were staring directly into mind. Did she just say what I think she did, I thought. Intensely staring at me, she nodded yes as if she heard my thoughts.

She pulled my wet fingers from out of her and walked over to the bed. She then got on the bed and straddled the back of the dude's head, her open moist pussy resting on the back of his neck. She bent forward and licked from his lower back down to the upper part of his ass right before spreading his cheeks and burying her tongue and face into his ass. I watched as dude gripped his hands tightly around the ties the bound him and his toes curled. She threw her head up gasping for air, her face wet with spit which also leaked from his hole.

She signaled me to come over, I hesitated for a moment. Was I really about to do this, I thought. Strangely my dick was still brick hard and I was definitely turned on, but could I do this.

"Come here freak daddy," she commanded and I listened.

Once at the foot of the bed I caught glimpse of dude's massive dick and balls which were pushed downward between his legs and tied with a cockring, clearly keeping it on swole mode. I climbed up onto the bed between dude's legs. She reached over and grabbed a bottle of baby oil gel and poured in all over his back and ass and started rubbing into his muscular body, never once unlocking her eyes off me. She looked down at my dick.

"Good. Someone's excited, your leaking," she stated grinning seductively. I looked down and to my surprise a long thick stream of prejizz was connecting me from my dick head to the bed. She gripped me around the base of my dick and pulled me closer. My dick was hovering right over the dude's exposed hole. She then started milking my dick pulling the precum to the tip making it puddle on his twitching asshole. She began kissing me deeply, causing me to precum even more. When she pulled away she spit a mixture of both our saliva down onto his ass before guiding my dick head onto the rim of his ass.

I kept my eyes focus on her imagining that my dick was sliding up into her. From the look of enjoyment on her face you would of thought I was actually dicking her down, she was clearly really turned on by this which turned me on even more.

She continued guiding my dick as I slowly inched deeper and deeper into dude's guts. The further I went in the tighter it seemed to get. I could feel the rim of his hole pulling and releasing against the sides of my dick. It wasn't until about halfway that he left out a loud "SHIT!" His entire body tensed up, I looked down and could see every muscle in his arms and back bulge outward. He flexed his arms attempting to break free of the binds but was unsuccessful. His head then sprung upward pushing into the chick's vagina. The sensation of his head pushing into her pussy rubbing her clit made her head tilt back and her eyes roll into back into her sockets.

"Yo I can't take no mo," he tired to yell muffled by the pillow. She grabbed a wash cloth off the bedside dresser and shoved it in his mouth, silencing him.

"Keep going," she ordered moving her hand from around my dick. After a few still seconds, dude's hole relaxed and I dropped balls deep into him. We both laid there motionless for a moment my body on top of his.

She then grabbed me by the chin and pushed her breast into my mouth. My dick jumped and grew even larger inside his hole, causing him to release a muffled moan. I moved my hips upward slightly and he quickly flexed his ass causing the walls of his hole to grip my dick like a vice. It was clear his body wasn't ready yet. He then relaxed and I pumped my dick in a little deeper, then repeated and repeated. Each thrust caused him to tense up and let out a slight grunt.

It was clear he realized trying to escape the binds was pointless and began to relax completely and stop struggling. As he relaxed, his hole began to loosen more and more so in turn my hips began to thrust faster and harder.

"Yes baby take that dick, take all that big dick," she said as I worked her nipple with my tongue and lips while fucking the dude harder and harder. She then pulled back, climbed off the bed, and pulled a chair over to the foot of the bed and sat down. Perhaps to get a better view of my dick dropping in his hole. I figured hell why not give her a show. So I lifted up in a push up position and began dipping my dick, full strokes, into his hole. I must of been hitting dude's prostate because from time to time his manly grunt would switch into a muffled but clearly high pitched whimper.

"Yes, he's liking that. His hole is starting to get wet and creamy," she stated. I looked down and she was right, I could see with each stroke more and more white fluid accumulating on my dick. I could also see part of hid rock hard dick curving upward toward the ceiling and his dick head seemed to pulsate whenever I'd thrust into him.

I've had my share of good pussy, but I can't even lie this dude's ass was feeling good as fuck. Shit was crazy tight, tighter than any pussy I've ever fucked, and still got wet like pussy. I looked down at dude, whose body had now completely relaxed and was just receiving the dick like a pro. Part of me really wanted to see what his face looked like under the towel, but the unknown also was a turn on. So were the tattoos, now close to him I could make out the tattoos covering his arms. On each shoulder he had a image of a baby's face one labeled "Daddy's Girl" and the other "Daddy's Boy", also two different female names on his forearms, in the mist of numerous other designs and numbers. I couldn't help but think, I bet this nigga be smashin' all kinds of chicks out and now here I am making him my bitch which I admit was pretty hot.

Dude's legs then started kicking, and the sound of his ass juices slushing around grew louder. I looked down at my dick falling into his hole, and behind that could see the chick spread eagle her feet on the bed going in on her pussy with her fingers. Then out of nowhere a warm sensation heated my dick, perhaps blood rushing to his hole, and I watched as five spurts of nut shot from his dick. Two of the spurts shot so far they cleared the bed and hit the girl on her tits and stomach. At that moment, she moaned loudly as fluid began to leak from her pussy running down her fingers and onto the chair. I too couldn't contain it anymore, especially as dude's body started trembling beneath me, and his hole pulsating. I quickly lifted up out of his ass and without even touching my dick shot a huge load clear across his back.

"FUCKKK!" I cried out.

A chill shot down my back causing my legs to shake uncontrollably. I rolled over beside him, the sound of all of us heavily breathing filled the room. I sat up try to catch my bearings and the girl signaled me to grab a towel. As I cleaned up I looked over at dude who still laid there practically motionless still tied, breathing deeply, cum-covered, and still leaking from his ass and now semi hard dick. I got dressed and left the room.

No more than five minutes after I sat back down at my desk, my boss walked in and being the dick that he is asked sarcastically, "So how was your last night at work." I purposely ignored him for a moment while I gathered my stuff then looked at him and smiled. "One I'll never forget," I answered and left.