Spice Up Their Nite

Part 2

So I linked up with this couple last time i was in FL on jackd. The one i spoke to said he wanted me and his dude to tag him he sent pics ass was nice and his partner was slim packing alot of dick so I said i was down. So i get there and the slim one answers the door and is like his dude is still prepping we get naked and chat a bit while his dude finished. At which point the slim one is like im a fan of ur vids looks like ur skilled with that tongue. So I say yea i been told wanna feel. Dude pulled his dick out and i started sucking then he got up and bent over and said to eat his ass. I quickly go to work and man that hole was loving it. I could resist to try teasing his hole with my dick. Before i knew it i was lost in the moment of feeling them tight walls grip my dick and in walked his dude and this is what happened...

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