Something New for 2018

Part 2

So warning this vid may not be for everyone but wanted to post it anyways bc this was something ive been trying to do for a min. So was in San Fran recently and went to a bath house and met this sexy tatted shorty there. He was leaving as I was arriving but we exchanged numbers so we could link the next day. So he comes thru and we talk a bit and he tells me hes a transman, I had no clue but just hearing that made my dick hard. I never fucked pussy b4 and figured this would be a good intro to it. Cant lie I was a bit nervous not know what to expect. But the way that pussy was creaming and him telling me after that he nutted a few times, I think i did a good job. Hope yall enjoy and once again phat asses will be back next week.

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