One Nite Only

Part 2

The struggle with visiting cities like ATL for only one nite is theres so many dudes I wanna fuck and not enough time. This night in particular my Jamaican homie whose more a top but lets me dick him down found out i was in town and wanted this nut. But i had already told this other dude I was gonna chill with him. So I told my jamaican buddy to scoop me up we could go fuck dude together and then dip find a place to fuck 1on1 after. We get to dudes hotel and my homie was like i wanna feel u in me first so we sneak of to the hotel bathroom to pregame alil, then head up to the bottoms room. Turn out he had another Top homie he invited who was on the way so the 3 of us ended up tagging the bottom together. Then as the bottom was in the shower cleaning up I dropped my load off in my jamaican homie\'s phat ass as promised

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