Training A Unicorn

Part 1

Used to follow @unicornhorn48 on tumblr and now on Twitter watched him go from jacking vids, to vids fucking girls, to vids of him using toys on his hole. It wasnt til I saw a vid of him linking with a dude I figured I\'d try my luck and hit him up. He liked my vids and agreed to link, best believe I did everything I could to get to him b4 he changed his mind. When he showed up, I cant lie I was taken back by how sexy he was. He was nervous as he told me I would be only the 3rd guy he had ever been with. (Of course in my head was mad I wasnt the 1st but I was ok with settling for 3rd lol) didnt take long before we stripped down and I had him servicing my dick. Then when he bent over revealing that beautiful hole that I had dreamt about eating all this time I admired it a min before taking my first taste. Eventually drilling my tongue as deep in his guts as possible. The way his hole sucked on my tongue had my dick brick af. Once I felt he had opened up a bit I eased my dick in. Definitely enjoyed myself with him and being that he said he was down to link again i guess he liked it too and hopefully as he gets more comfortable I\'ll really get to dick him the way I\'ve dreamt about. Hope yall enjoy this 35 min vid. PS. being that hes new to gay sex he still wasnt comfortable with unprotected sex so there is a condom in this vid...but my secret goal is to one day feel those walls creaming all over my dick

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