Deep N Dez

Part 2

I had stumbled across @ch0colateluv aka dezzy page on Twitter and knew I had to link up with his cute ass. So I slide into his DMs saying we should collab bc I needed to see what was up with them lips and all that ass. He said he was down but that he doesnt really b taking dick like that anymore. Which I respected but told him I still wanted to eat it and taste his lips and we could then go from there. So he came through looking even cuter in person. He told me he was nervous but after a few deep kisses his dick started to poke its head from under his shorts as it got hard. I took the initiative to suck him off first to help calm his nerves. And as he relaxed i took my time teasing his hole. I always believe slow and steady wins the race bc after awhile i had that hole so open it was creaming and talking back to me. Even he was in shock he said he had never got fucked like that to which I responded well you\'ve also never been fucked by me before lol.

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