Old Friends Part 2

Craig and Malik could hear the whooosh of the planes flying overhead as their shuttle neared the airport. They pull out of the terminal thru traffic and up to Delta's departure area.

"Are we gonna make it in time?" Craig asks the driver as he pulls into the loading zone at the front of the airport.

"You should be fine this time of day. No long lines," the cabbie says in a strange mideastern accent.
Not entirely convinced of this, and generally suspicous of foreigners, Malik hops out before the shuttle stops moving and begins unloading their bags from the trunk.

"Let's go. I don't wanna miss our flight," says Malik as he rushes into the double doors.

Craig shakes his head and smiles as he watches Malik from behind. He turns and hands the driver a crisp $20 bill, although the ride was courtesy of Radisson Hotel.

"Thank you," Craig says to the driver as he closes his door and joins Malik at the ticket counter.

They had missed their original flight. They got booked on the next available flight. The two board the plane six hours and twenty minutes later. Settling into his spacious comfy seat in business class, Malik looks around at the people seated nearby. Mostly white except for Craig, who is seated next to him. He notices their hair, clothing, expensive looking jewelry, designer luggage, and a few nose jobs. Rich people. He even noticed the way the blond- haired flight attendant in their section of the plane seemed a bit snooty compared to the others. This is the life, Malik thought. Malik takes advantage of the extra service offered by the snooty flight attendant, ordering them a couple glasses of white zinfandel. Craig positions his pillow, covers himself with the small blanket and closes his eyes, relieved they were finally on their way home. By the time the glasses of wine arrive, Craig is asleep. A couple hours into their 7 hour red-eye flight, the plane was quiet. And dark. Malik opens his eyes and looks out the window. Clouds and moon. The calm of the night sky reflects the calm inside the cabin. It reminds Malik of the middle of the night in the prison, the only time when the place seemed peaceful. Not counting the nights he could hear the grunts and groans of cellmates having sex, or the hand-over-mouth sobbing of some new convict being raped. It was usually this time of night when Malik felt comfortable and horny enough to masturbate so he could sleep. Habits apparently die hard. He could feel his erection pulling him to pay it some attention. So, he quietly unfastens his seat belt, and walks down the slim isle toward the lavatory in the front of business class. Everyone looks like they are sleeping. He closes the door behind him as he walks into the small restroom. Malik pulls down his Calvin Kleins, sits on the toilet, closes his eyes and begins to visualize a steamy scene. He rolls his head back as he begins to palm the fat bulbous head of his dick. He spits in one hand and begins to rub it onto the pulsing shaft. Stroking it slowly, Malik's hand slides from head to base and back to head again. The other hand gently massages his sack. Heat begins to rise from his groin area as his passion grows.

He begins to whisper to his fantasy sex-mate, "Yeah, suck that dick boy. Mmmm. Thats right. Take all of it..."

He imagines his partner bending over a prison bedrail, and himself entering his hot inner recesses.

"Uugh...yeah that pussy is tight my nig," Malik whispers as he strokes.

Several minutes later his climax is building, he is stroking with both hands, going faster and deeper. Just as his thick juices begin to rush toward the tip of his monstrous erection, Malik hears the click of the doorknob turning. He instantly remembers, he didn't lock the door. Malik quickly opens his eyes and sits up as the door swings forward. His erection still obviously in mid-fantasy, Malik tries to cover the ten-inch boner with one hand as he reaches toward the door with the other hand. But it is open before he can stop it. At the same time, the deep burning passion at the base of his dick begin to pulse. The strong muscles in the thick brown shaft contract strongly as his breathing stutters. Like a fountain, creamy white nutt skeets upward into mid-air, and land on Malik's thighs and muscled torso. Malik's standing open-mouthed and wild-eyed is none other than Snooty, his white male flight attendant. Apparently amazed and enjoying the view, Snooty stands there in a daze for a few quick moments before realizing the awkwardness of the situation. Malik covers himself with his shirt as the flight attendant, fully red-faced, apologizes for barging into the restroom.

"I am soooo sorry sir. Please excuse me..."

"Thats my fault, I should have locked the door, " Malik says quickly.

Snooty backs quietly, nervously into the hall as Malik closes the door, locking it this time, washes up and gets re-dressed. Truly Malik was both embarrassed and proud that Snooty had seen him jacking off. He noticed the look of amazement when Snooty saw his dick. It reminded Malik of a sort of elevated hetero-locker room status given to well-endowed black men. But he also had some resentment toward white men who, as a group, seemed to objectify black men economically, socially and sexually. Part of him didn't want to reinforce the stereotype of the BIG DICK BROTHA with nothing else going for himself. But there was nothing he could do about how white men viewed black men. He could only be a better representation of his own ideals. He resigns himself to this fact, washes up, looks in the mirror to straighten his clothes, then reaches for the lavatory door to return to his seat. As Malik passes Snooty in the dimly lit isle, the flight attendant downcasts his eyes, too embarrassed to look up. Craig shifts in his seat, eyes still closed, just as Malik sits next to him.

"Where you been?" Craig asks in his sexy early morning voice.

"Having a bathroom adventure," Malik says sarcastically.

"Well I guess SOMEBODY feels satisfied..."

"Actually, it didn't go quite like I planned," Malik laughed.

"What happened?" Craig wonders aloud.

"Long story," Malik says half-grinning to himself.

"Let's just say I will lock the door next time."

The two friends share a laugh. Craig stretches and yawns, then shifts so that the sillouette of his round butt shows through the blanket.

"Next time, maybe you will ask for HELP with that..."

Craig smiles slyly and gestures toward Malik's still semi-erect bulge. Almost as if on cue, it begins to grow again.

Written by n2deep2012