Fitting Room

"How many items?" the fitting room attendant asked the dude standing in front of me.

"Just two shirts, and sum swim shorts my dude," he answered back to the employee before being directed back to the last fitting room at the end of the hall.

I had already taken notice to how sexy the employee was, looking like a close cousin of Romeo, with his perfectly toned skin, slim but clearly toned body, and a smile that could make any girl drop to they knees. But it was his swag that turned me on the most, dude knew he was fly, the way he dressed, carried himself, and talked got my dick hard.

Seeing how I had my eye on him every second I did notice him taking a glance at dude ass as he lead him to the dressing room. Shit, I couldn't blame him though, dude had what we call a trap booty, and was advertising it with his shorts sagging below his cheek giving his already phat ass that extra lift. You could damn near make out exactly what his bare ass would look like under his checked boxers. He was dark skinned with that thug sexy type appeal, masculine, with alot of tats showing under his wife beater on his neck, back, chest, and all down his arms.

"How many items do you have?" he then asked me.

"Just two," I shyly responded.

"Cool, follow me," he grabbed a number tag and lead me to the room right next to where he had put the thug dude. "Just holla if you need any other sizes."

"Thanks," I said staring him straight in the eyes all the way til he closed the door.

As I was trying on my first pair of pants, I heard the door next to mine open and the thug dude called out, "aye homie come here rite quick." I paused from getting dressed to focus on their conversation.

"Yo you think these trunks are too big?" he asked. There was a long pause before the employee responded.

"Umm yea, but man u can't be trying on the trunks without underwear," he responded.

"O shit my bad yo," he replied then there was silence. After a few moments, I heard the dressing room door shut back closed.

Something seemed really odd with the whole interaction, I stayed by the door listening but there was nothing just silence. Until I heard the sound of a belt buckle being undone. My heart dropped, curiosity was choking me with the wonder of what was happening. I was so tempted to get on my knees and look under the room divider to see what was happening but I was scared id be seen as well snooping.

Then I heard...SLURPING.

Not even visually seeing what was going on the sound and my mind creating its own interpretation had my dick growing. I knew something was going down, but what? Who was sucking who? I had to know.

I slowly dropped to my knees, to take a look. I saw two pairs of legs both with they clothes dropped around their ankles, but still the slurping continued coupled with a slight moaning sound. I had hoped I would at least see someone on their knees so I could tell what was happened but I was still unsure. So I slowly edged my head closer. And there it was, the employee was going in on the thug's thick chocolate stick. He was henched over, pants down jacking his own slightly darker than his body, slim but long dick with low hanging smooth balls.

I couldnt make out, exactly how big the thugs dick was in length but the girth was quite impressive. Dude clearly had a mouthful and was trying his best not to make gagging noises on it. But as the thug gripped him by the back of the head and forced him deeper on it, I could see both tears leak from his eyes as well as precum slowly seep from his piss slit. I wanted nothing more than to have my face under his leaky dick to allow that prejizz to fall down the back of my throat.

The employee finally got free of the thugs grasp and came up for air, I damn near nutted when I saw the thugs dick fall from dude wet pink lips. That dick had to be like 12 inches and thick as fuck.

To my surprise, the thug then spun around with that tasty slightly hairy trap booty, facing the employee. He then bent forward and separated his ass cheeks exposing his hole and made it wink a couple times. In no time, the employee buried his face is dude ass, almost looked like his head had disappear between his phat muscle booty. As I watched him tongue and eat that beautiful ass I caught myself salivating wishing it would b my turn next. I too pulled my dick out n started jacking my dick.

It was so hot seeing the under view of the thug with his completely tatted back arched, ass his in the air, and his supersized dick dangling between his legs, dripping more and more pre-nut with each tongue insertion.

"Quit wid dat tongue shit, and give me that dick nigga," he whispered.

The employee then stood up, spit down on his dick before slapping his dick on dude's wet slightly loosened hole. He then proceed to guild his slim pretty 9 inch dick into his inviting ass. With each inch it looked like the thug's balls would jump and more jizz would drip from his brick dick and began pooling on the floor below.

"Damn this ass feel good as fuck, that shit is gripping the hell out my dick man," the employee quietly commented starting to pick up speed with his dick dipping into dude's ass. He lifted his button down shirt and tucked it under his chin as he grabbed him at the shoulders and started pulling him back onto his dick. His balls swinging front to back sometimes colliding with the thug's balls which where also swinging freely. I could start to see ass juices forming around the thugs ass and on dude's dick as he long stroked him. As his fucked him faster it continued to build and started dripping down their balls and also falling to the floor.

Oh how I wanted to taste them juices, both the pre-cum and the booty juices, as they just fell to the ground like rain drops. I couldnt take it any longer, I reached my hand in and got some one my fingers. They stopped and looked down at my startled, still in mind stroke.

I looked up, blankly not knowing what to say. "I just had to taste it," I nervously stated and licked my fingers, hoping that would turn them on. They looked at each other, then back at me. The awkward silence was crazy and seem to last forever, but was then broken by the thug dropping to his knees with his dick inches from my face.

"So u wanna taste? Imma have this nigga fuck the nut out of me and u betta not spill a drop," he commanded and I obeyed.

I laid on my back, with my body still in my dressing room but my head in theirs. He placed his balls on my forehead and slid his dick in my mouth. I damn near had to unhinge my jaw to fit just 3/4 of it down my throat. The employee then dropped to his knees and got behind the thug, dropped some more spit on his hole then slipped that dick back in him. I almost choked as I felt his dick expand a bit more with each thrust of the employee's dick. I looked up and watched as the thug sunk his teeth into his own forearm trying to keep from making noise, taking the dick like a true nigga. I beat my dick, as tears began streamlining down the sides of my face, and that was went I felt the warm sensation of dude unloading his kids straight down my throat. I didnt even gag, I think his dick had my throat so open that huge load just shoot freely straight down my esophagus.

I reached my free hand up and cupped the employee's balls in my hand gently massaging them. I then slyly ran my finger down to his asshole and worked his smooth bootyhole lips with my index finger. This clearly sent him over the edge, he quickly pulled his dick out of the thug's ass and shot his nut up his back and on his butt. I pull the thug forward so I could taste his use hole and slipped my tongue in. The employee's nut started to roll down dudes back and ass down his crack straight into my mouth, and that did it for me. My eyes rolled back as I unleash my nut, it was a good nut too the kind that made you shake and be briefly paralyzed.

They both took a moment before standing up, I looked up for a sec admiring both their now semi hard dicks handing like mistletoe above my head.

I then roll back over into my room. I decided to hurry up and get dressed as fast as possible, so I could be out of the room before they were. I quickly exited the fitting room, and booked it through the mall. Once I got to my car i took a moment to gather my thoughts, still shocked at what had just went down...shit was I dreaming i thought to myself. I looked at myself in the rear view mirror, and there ws the evidence dried on my cheeks and chin, NOPE definitely wasn't a dream.