Da Weedman 7/7/11

"Yes babe, im working on my last customer now. Kiss jaylen good night for me and ill be home soon to kiss u good night...oh word...yea im down for that. See you soon," with a grin on my face I quickly closed my cellphone. "My bad yo, it was the Misses, im just bout done."

My customer nodded, and I went back to finishing his haircut. With the exception of my girl and my baby boy, I loved nothing more than cutting hair, writing and spitting tight ass lyrics, and of course smoking weed.

I must admit I feel pretty fortune with my life, being 23, sexy, and keeping my shit tight, and already having found my calling in life I really had nothing to complain about.
"Ight my dude, you all set. I've brought ya sexy back YUP," I bragged spinning him around to the mirror so he could check out my work.

"Damn das wassup man, you never disappoint, gud lukin," he replied satisfied as he gave me dap and paid me for the cut. I walked him to the door and locked it behind him while turning over the closed sign in the window. I walked back to my station to clean up, spitting a few lyrics that had popped in my head.

A loud banging noise, startled me and interrupted my flow. I turned around and it was my weed man banging on the window. I sighed, already knowing what he wanted, and signaled that I was closing.
And that when he did it, he pulled out a bag a weed, my kryptonite, and waved it in the window. Damn dis nigga was good, so I let him in and closed the blind to make sure no one else would try and come in.

"Yo homie I need a fresh cut, fa real. Im goin out wit my peoples tonight and got to look fly fa da ladies. I definite plan on smashing at least 1 or 2. I been holding out for a week so des balls are full of dat good nut for just da right pussy, ya feel me," he rambled. "Ill hook u up with some of dis good Stress I got from my homie who was in town from cali, he said dis shit is off da chain. So you got me? I jus need u to fade it up alil and line me up."

I looked at the time, and started thinking bout my girl and what she said she had planned, but the weed he had looked good as hell. Fuck it! It'll only take a few mins. "Ight yo, get in da chair."
"Yo you da man homie"

He hopped in the chair, and I covered him and propped him for his cut. "How low u want it"
"Just get it to where the waves are showing homie. I think next winter imma grow my shit out like u. Cus ya braids and design look propa real talk. Fuck yo, im high as a muthafuckin kite rite now. I aint been this high sine a week ago when I was chillin wid dis shawdy from around the way," he continued as I began fading him up. "Yo shawdy had da fattest ass ever and dat pussy tasted so damn good, I was slurping them juices up like koolaid. Yo da bitch was in love wit my dick and was actually takin it all which is rare cus I won't lie ya boy is packing. But yea she was riding dis dick and I would feel dat pussy grib my shit mad tight and she would begin to scream and shake then would quickly jump up off my dick and she's spray all her sweet juices all ovah my shit, then sit down again and repeat. Yo I was in heaven."

Not even realizing how turned on I was from his story, I spun his seat around and his hand which was on the armrest got stopped on my dick which was damn near fully hard. I paused not sure if he noticed what his hand was rubbing against.

"Damn yo, guess u liked hearing bout that," To my surprise he gripped his hand around my dick, "you packin too I see, but I think I got you beat." He moved the cover from over him, and there he was dick out of his basketball shorts being stroked by his hand. Dude was packing I won't even lie I was about 9 and he easily had about 2 inches more than I did. He reminded me of like a slightly older soljah boy, slim toned, and covered with tats, and always would be wearing a wifebeater, basketball short, and socks with sandals on.

"Damn am I high." He laughed. "You ever fuck wid a nigga before?"

"I got a girl"

"Trust me, I love pussy. But I wanna taste ya dick man. Can I?"

Before I could even respond, he had my dick out my pants and between his lips. I won't lie the shit felt good and made my dick get even harder. I could feel his tongue circling around my dick head inside his warm wet mouth. I closed my eyes in with what id want want to say embarrassment but according to my dick it was enjoyment. I turned off the clippers and sat them to the side, and grabbed the back of his heas and pushed it down further on my dick until my piss clips rubbed against the back of his throat. I pulled it out then shoved it back in again and against each time my balls would jump. He began to gag alittle but that didn't stop me from shoving my dick in even further as he jacked his own dick, which was beginning to get wet with precum.

Curiousity came over me, and a inner wondering made me ask, "can I taste ya precum?" Unsurprisingly he was more than happy to oblige. He pulled his shorts down, I lowered the chair to the lowest setting, bent over slight and started licking his precum. It was salty but tasty, and put my lips around his head and sucked up the juices. When I lifted my head a strand of prejizz continued to connect my lips to his dick. I stood up and my pants and boxers dropped all the way down. I felt his hand makes its way over to my ass which got me a little nervous, but the felting of him rubbing my hole actually sent chills through my body.

"Damn you got ass homie, dis shyts all smooth I wanna taste it. Bet it taste lick pussy." He got up and moved me up onto the chair, knees first onto the seat with my head and upper torso hanging over the back.

"Arch dat back so I can see dat hole," he ordered and I did so. That's when a electrically sensation shot through my body and out of my head, toes, and finger tips. He had slip his tongue deep inside my hole and with each pierce my body would tingle with pleasure.

"Fuck my dude, that shit is feeling right," I moaned.

"Nigga dis jus da beginning," he answered.

Dudes tongue was traveling so far up in me, my body started to shake uncontrollable. What's crazy is never in all my many sexual experience with females have I ever felt some shit like this. I could feel his spit dripping down from my hole and running all the way down off my balls and puddling on my seat. Damn this shit was off da chain.

"Yo son, you got any vasaline," he asked.

"Naw man."

"Fuck, I need something to beat off wit"

I started to think and looked around on the counter behind me. Bingo.

"Yo use dat pomade, its similar to vasaline," I told him.

"Good call," he grabbed the container and smeared a glob of it on his dick and went back to eating me out. He started tongue fucking me deep, shoving his tongue in the pulling it out. I could feel and hear that my ass was open by the hollow sound it started to make. All I could think was damn if tongue feels dis good I wonder what dick feels like.

"Slap ya dick again my hole yo." He lowered my chair a bit, and started slapping his dick and precum against my wet hold.

"Damn son, I got ya shyt open. Fucking looks like a wet pussy. I wanna feel dat shyt."
I began to panic a bit and tensed up.

"Yo I aint neva been fucked before. Dat shits gonna hurt."

"I got you my nig, im jus gonna stick da head in a bit," I relaxed a bit unsure of what to expect. He started slowly pushing his dick head in me which felt much like his tongue did, which was feeling good.

"Fuck son, dis ass is wet," he replied.

"Yea, you like dat." I responded as my upper body leaned over the back of the chair.

"Yea, you got one of the B-ball player asses. Them cheeks look like a heart." He pulled his head out and smeared some pomade on my hold and on his dick and started pushing the head in sum more. Damn I was on cloud 9, dat phat mushroom head was rubbing me the right way from deep within. My ass muscles started gripping his dick tight, I could feel his dick head throbbing against the tension. Slowly my ass muscles started pulling his dick in further against my own will, as if my ass wanted it all in me. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, and my neck straighten higher and higher, as each inch fell deeper within me.

"Ahhhhh fuck you, you in dis shit fa real," I screamed.

"Yea son you like all dis dick up in you?"

"Yea nigga, handle dis ass. Make me sprung off dat dick," perhaps that wasn't the right thing to say cus dude then grabbed onto my shoulder and began pounding my ass out mercerfullessly. I grabbed onto the seat as tight as I could, and bit down onto the leather. 'Don't punk out yo, take it" I said to myself forcing my ass to relax, I could hear my ass getting wetter and wetter.

"Ahhhhh shit nigga, bust dat nut." And like that he stopped his pounding and start long slow stroking me.

"Naw, I want you to fuck me too son. How bout ovah there on ya pool table?" he asked as he easy slide his dick out my diminished hole. I stood up light headed as a motherfucker. He grabbed the pomade and headed over to the pool table, his hard ass cum covered dick was just swanging and dripping all over the place.

"Lay up on here son," he ordered and I complied.

I layed down on the table my brick hard dick sat up reaching for the ceiling. He wiped some pomade on my dick then climbed up over me. He sighed deeply, before lowering his ass down on my dick. As soon as his asslips pressed against the head of my dick I felt my balls jump. Inch by inch he slowly sat down onto my dick, I watched as he clinched his teeth taken it trying his best to relax his hole. Once all the way down he waited a second, then slowly started bouncing up and down slowly, his thick dick slapping against my abs leaking precum. It felt so damn good being up inside this thug ass nigga, a nigga respected in the streets and know for being not one to mess with, but now im here forcing him to submit to my manhood...I was the alpha nigga and was loving it.

"Damn son, dis ass is official," I said gripping his waist and thrusting my dick upward deep up in him.

"Yea spit dat nut in my ass. I wanna feel dat shit up in my guts," he begged. "Fuck nigga, AHHHHH shit. Beat this ass up."

His begging only made me want to fucking him harder, I thrusted upward and when he tried to run I pulled his waist down, forcing him to take it.

"Fuckkkk here I CUMMMMM!!" I yelled as I expelled my nut up in him.

"Shit nigga, here I go. Swallow this shit," he replied springing forward off my dick, nut dripping from his hole, placing his dick over my open mouth. Then four powerful spurts of nut shot from his dick. The first shot right across the side of my face, the second bounced off the roof of my mouth, and the last two hit the back of my throat as he shoved his dick deep in my mouth. I tried to gag as his thick warm nut ran down my throat, but my mouth was to stuffed to even do so. Finally I gasped for air threw my nose as his dick slowly slide from out my mouth. I guess it was this secret freak in me, but I grabbed his dick at the shaft while the tip was still between my lips and sucked every last drop from his now semi hard dick. His body trembled from the sensitivity.

He then rolled over and laid on the table beside me breathing heavily. I too laid there in shock and amazement, unsure what to say to break the silence, still tasting his sweet nut that now coated me mouth.

"Yo..." he replied finally breaking the silence, "...its time for a blunt.